Villanueva Family

Please tell us your student's names and grades.

Son- Jordan, 9th Grade

Daughter- Sophia, 4th Grade

What do you love about VCS?

VCS staff and teacher partnership with parents in the development of the child is not just a mantra slogan.  There is genuine love, care and compassion on display at VCS everyday.  It is evident in the way my children carry themselves on and off campus.

Why did you choose VCS for your children?

VCS truly is a place where students are spiritually, intellectually and physically equipped to fulfill their uniquely God-given mission.  We chose VCS because of the encouraged freedom to unapologetically live out our Christian faith in all we do.

In what ways have you seen your children grow in their faith as a result of their experiences at VCS? How, if any, has this impacted your family?

Romans 5: 3-5 is a verse that is constantly socialized in our family.  We understand that life as a follower of Christ is intentionally challenging for the sake of growing God’s kingdoms on earth.  I see growth in my children evidenced by their resiliency in challenging (academic and social) circumstances.  

What is the one word your family would use to describe the Vacaville Christian School experience?


What would you tell other parents who are considering enrolling their children at VCS?

Spiritual investment is far more important than any other type of investment.  The VCS experience is one that will sow seeds of faith, growth and success generationally.

Villanueva Family

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