Creating a safe, stable place where children feel they belong.

Our administrators, faculty, and staff are aware of the challenges and threats facing our students and society as a whole, from bullying to alcohol and drug use. In order to create a safe, stable place where children feel they belong:

  • We have a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol.
  • We have an anti-bullying policy in place. We’re aware bullying is a growing problem in all schools, and our pledge is to be ahead of the curve in training our staff to prevent bullying before it ever begins.
  • Internet safety is important to us. We follow protocols in our classrooms and guide parents to websites detailing best practices.
  • VCS provides on campus security during normal school hours.  The security guard regularly patrols the entire campus.
  • VCS has a camera equipped keyless entry system in the high school and will soon have one installed in the elementary school.
  • Our school regularly confers with local fire and police departments to ensure we are trained in best practices.  Students regularly participate in all types of safety drills.
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