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Fun Facts About Ben:

  • Ben was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and is a faithful Detroit Lions (football) fan, despite how difficult that has become in recent years.
  • He enjoys (surviving) outdoor adventures, having once almost sunk a boat, and on another occasion, running completely out of water in the California wilderness.
  • He loves to read (usually via audiobooks), listening to a book per week on average.
  • His favorite activity is anything he’s able to do with his wife, Amber, and two children, Isaac and Grace.

Ben Davis - Head of School

The ancient Greeks had a word for education: paideia. It’s meaning, however, was inclusive of much more than academic study. The paideia of a child encompassed every aspect of his life. Each facet of a child’s environment and the culture in which he was brought up was believed to be inseparable from his “education”. In his letter to the Ephesians, the Apostle Paul tells parents to “provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the paideia and admonition of the Lord.” I’m proud that at VCS, we have since 1975 upheld a culture focused on the principles of God’s Word, while cultivating a tradition of academic and extracurricular excellence.

At Vacaville Christian School, we are looking expectantly to the future, from early preschool through 12th grade. We want to be a community of relationships, where each student feels known and cared for, and all feel a sense of belonging to the VCS “family”. We care about excellence in athletics and fine arts, and desire to see students find their extracurricular passion and “niche” that brings them community and a sense of identity. Our academics are thriving, and VCS students are developing into passionate life long learners, growing in knowledge and wisdom. VCS graduates are taught to be deeply innovative, critical thinkers. And finally, we are nurturing the spiritual life of our students, who are developing a deep and abiding faith that can withstand the pressures of culture.

 We invite you to come on campus for a personalized tour to learn more about what Vacaville Christian School has to offer, and we hope you will consider partnering with us in this very worthy mission!

Welcome to Vacaville Christian School!

Ben Davis
Vacaville Christian Head of School

VCS Chapel Message
Diversity, Unity, and Belonging

Chapel Message: March 15, 2023

Listen in as Dr. Howard shares a powerful chapel message with our students on VCS about Diversity, Unity, and Belonging. Dr. Howard visited VCS on Wednesday, March 15th (2023), to share about how sin, not race (or anything else that separates us), is the core issue creating disunity in our culture. And the Gospel, in the person of Jesus Christ, is the unifying solution.

Tune in to Dr. Howard’s chapel message via podcast.

Head of School Blog

Math Matters…for College and Career Earnings

From ancient Greece to the modern workforce, many have noted the importance of math proficiency. Today, success in math distinguishes top performers in a wide variety of fields.

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Newer Isn’t Always Better – “Socratic Seminar” and Student Learning at VCS

Socratic Seminar is an engaging instructional format, consisting of two groups of students arranged in circles (i.e. “inner circle” and “outer circle”), in which a teacher facilitates idea-centered discussion between students on a rich, idea-stimulating text in order to increase active learning.

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coffee on campus

For this edition of Coffee on Campus, join Mr. Davis as he interviews VCS National Merit Scholar, Elaina Craig. The National Merit Scholarship is a significant, rare distinction and we are proud of Elaina’s accomplishment.

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