Ronald Plunkett

What are your best memories from your time at VCS?

Very supportive teachers, faculty and students.

Did you grow in your personal faith as a result of your experiences at VCS?

Yes, most definitely I grew spiritually and emotionally.

Ronald Plunkett

What have you been up to since graduating VCS?

I spent over 21 years serving and protecting the community with the Solano County Sheriff’s Office. I now own my own consulting business.

Ronald Plunkett

What advice would you give to a family or student considering attending VCS?

If you want your child or children to get a well rounded education there is no better place in Solano County than VCS.

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Be active in the community and empower the teachers and school.

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At the end of the day, when the children get picked up from school, their enlightened spirit reflects through their eyes. VCS provides an environment where our kids are developing their personality as a whole in mind, body and on a spiritual level.

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During the time we’ve been at VCS, our family has fallen in love with our school community. Both of our children have been welcomed with open arms and felt a strong sense of belonging.

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