Committed to working hand-in-hand with parents to ensure a Christian learning environment.

Vacaville Christian Schools partners with families who desire to reinforce biblical values at home, church, and school. The administration, faculty, and staff are committed to working hand-in-hand with parents to ensure a Christian learning environment. This learning environment is founded upon the following criteria and standards:

  • An unassailable belief of a created universe where all truth emanates from God.
  • The foundational truth that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, is the only way to God, and repentance of sin through Him assures one of eternal life.
  • The conviction that Jesus Christ is central to all understanding and wisdom, not only in the Bible, but in history, geography, science, mathematics, music, the arts, extracurricular activities, and all aspects of the universe, including one’s personal daily life.
  • That responsibility for a child’s education comes directly from God to the parents. As partners with parents, our school is an extension of this biblical principle.
  • The conviction that consistent Christian values and a biblical worldview should be reinforced at home, church, and school.
  • The commitment to Christ-centered instruction of the highest quality, so that students may be prepared to take their place in the home, church, and community—as well as in their professions or vocations—in a manner that glorifies God.
  • That the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word shall be the guiding standard for all VCS board members, administrators, and staff members, as well as for students and parents.


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