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We prepare students for success in college and in life by providing numerous opportunities to develop talents, experience growth, and explore career options.

Get To Know Our Heart

Welcome to Vacaville Christian High School (VCHS), home of the Falcons! VCHS currently has ~175 student and 25 teachers and instructional support in our high school program. At VCHS, we integrate the latest technology to ensure that our students are well prepared to excel in a world of fast-paced technological advancement. In 2011 we introduced iPads into our curriculum as part of our dedication to providing learning without limits, and our students and teachers have benefited greatly from the use of app-based tablets. Students also utilize Schoology to maximize their academic resources. For parents, we offer Powerschool, enabling parents to check on their child’s academic progress and attendance.

A College Preparatory Curriculum

Vacaville Christian School is dually accredited with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and is a proud member of the College Board. VCHS offers a college preparatory curriculum with 19 Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Our graduation requirements meet all UC and CSU guideline for graduating high school and entering college. Annually, 98% of the graduates from VCHS attend a college, 81 percent attending a four year college, and 19 percent attending a 2 year college. On average, each graduating class has received over 3 million dollars, cumulatively, in merit based scholarships.

College Prep Tools and Information

VCHS speaks to the whole child with a balanced list of resources to guide you on your journey.

Preparing for college can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. At VCS, we’re all about giving students the tools and information they need to be successful now and in the future. In the Resources section of the page, you’ll find links to scholarship and financial aid information, CSU and UC applications, college testing information, and much more.  Each student begins college counseling as a freshman by meeting with our College Counselor.  Parents are always included in each meeting during a student four year experience at VCHS.

Vacaville Christian High School is a college-prep high school and we endeavor tp prepare our students to attend four-year colleges. We offer individual academic counseling to students and their parents, host college information sessions with representatives from various colleges and universities, and plan field trips to local universities. We also provide our students with a well-stocked and accessible College Resource Center, and utilize Naviance (college planning) accounts for each of our students. And of course, during the college application process, we’re there to provide guidance and assistance every step of the way.

Our goal is to help students identify their God-given gifts and talents, to appeal to those strengths, to help them discover their interests regarding future careers, and to provide each VCHS student with a variety of post-high-school options, from four-year colleges to military, trade schools, and community colleges.  See our College and Career brochure he

Our graduation requirements are specifically designed to meet and/or exceed the requirements for a University of California or California State University. Our goal is for all graduates to be prepared for a four-year university. Students work with the administration each year to ensure that they are taking classes that will help them reach their potential without being weighed down with an unsuitable workload. This one-on-one support helps to ensure that each student is taking appropriate classes—that areas of weakness are addressed and strengths are fostered. These standards and processes contribute greatly to the general atmosphere of excellence at VCHS.

Each year, the college application process becomes ever more competitive. Additionally, the costs of attending a four-year institution are increasing rapidly. Considering these factors, taking courses for college credit is a wise move. These advanced classes are impressive to admissions committees, advanced study can improve SAT and ACT scores, and the credit received may even allow a student to graduate early (3 recent VCS alumni were able to graduate from a university in only three years).

With all of this in mind, why choose AP classes over equitable classes at a Junior College? Simply, AP classes offer both instruction and experience. A college professor will assume that his or her students already have the skills necessary to succeed at the collegiate level. Therefore, the environment is closer to a “sink or swim” model, and passing the class does not necessarily indicate a student is ready for upper-level classes. By contrast, AP classes are designed to teach students how to learn at the collegiate level. AP English classes teach students how to approach a text (fictional or non-fictional) critically and analytically. AP History will challenge a student to look beyond concrete facts to examine the causes and effects of a person’s life or events. Further, even if students do not take courses in the same discipline as those AP classes, the student still has the skills of critical thinking, analysis, and higher thinking. Students who take AP classes generally score 78 points higher in Reading, 78 points higher in Math, and 63 points higher in Writing on the SAT than those who took classes at the bare minimum of VCS graduation standards. We are blessed to have 19 AP classes in our course catalog, and we invite you to take advantage and prepare yourself for the future.

AP classes offered: English Literature and Composition, English Language and Composition, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics 1, Physics 2, Physics C, European History, United States History, United States Government and Politics, Microeconomics, Psychology, Studio Art 2D, Studio Art Drawing, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature.

We enroll all high school students in Naviance to facilitate the college preparation, application, and scholarship process as well as to provide valuable tools to assist our students in discovering their interests and potential major or career paths. We expect our students to use Naviance throughout the application process. Students should also request transcripts via Naviance, planning ahead to ensure adequate time for processing.

VCS offers clubs for Elementary, Middle and High School students. Developing a well-rounded child involves exposing a child to opportunities where they can learn more about themselves, their community, broadening their world-view, and participating in clubs that excel and highlight their strengths. We offer clubs of common interest and nationally recognized clubs that offer graduation honors.
Below is a short list of some of the clubs VCS student participate in. 

High school clubs: California Scholarship Federation, Interact Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, S Club, Student Council/ Government, Art Club, Chess Club Robotics, Career Club, Model UN, Trades Club and Multicultural Club.

VCS is a Christian school with a heart for missions and serving our local community. Each year, VCS students participate in mission-based projects. Middle School and High School students are required to serve in a volunteer capacity a minimum of 20 hours during the school year as a part of our missions program and Bible classes. During the month of November, VCS emphasizes the importance of giving back to our local community. From Early Education to High School, our students participate in canned food drives, collecting money, collecting clothing, personal hygiene items, and small toys to benefit Solano County food banks, the Storehouse, Mission Solano, Alpha Pregnancy, and other ministries. VCS partners with The Leaven to provide tutoring for student’s outside of VCS in grade K-8th.

School Hours

Regular School Day
7:25 a.m. – Students may arrive
7:40 a.m. – School begins
2:50 p.m. – School dismisses

Minimum School Day
7:25 a.m. – Students may arrive
7:40 a.m. – School begins
11:40 a.m. – School dismisses

Dismissal time on minimum day may be subject to change on occasion.

High School Bell Schedule


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