John Drury High School Radio Award for Radio Broadcasting
Reno Jazz Festival Award

Arts, Drama, And Music

Creativity is appreciated and encouraged at VCS. Students are exposed to great art and artists, with opportunities to expand their knowledge and develop their skills through high school AP classes. VCS provides an award-winning student-led and student-run radio program and a band program that spans elementary school through high school. Our students play instruments alongside exceptional musicians and are privileged to work with professional music tutors. 


Our fine arts program provides students with a way to express their creativity and to cultivate their talents in praise to God. Below you’ll find descriptions of the various programs we offer for our students. VCS offers fine art programs from kindergarten to 12th grade.



The Radio Conservatory at Vacaville Christian Schools dedicates its mission to use contemporary and historic creative connections to awaken the aspiring artist in everyone through multi-media projects including video, radio / television broadcasting, film and Internet. This, along with live productions, defines the Radio Conservatory at Vacaville Christian Schools as one of the most dynamic and exciting creative arts institutions — with an unusual name. Read more>>>

VCS Radio Jazz
VCS Radio Jazz is a big band, but not in the conventional sense. On stage with Radio Jazz you’ll find saxophones, a trombone, trumpet, clarinet, drums, bass and piano; but also an oboe, a little girl’s music box, a Theremin, a 1930s style radio, a Tesla Coil, a broken phonograph, an electric drill and some of the most interesting sounds dreamed up from the fertile minds of young musicians. It’s not random — everything has its place and the music is thought provoking, entertaining, and immensely beautiful. Read more>>>

VCS Radio Symphony
Recognized for its unique presentations of 19th and 20th century high art music, VCS Radio Symphony is the flagship instrumental performance ensemble at Vacaville Christian Schools. The orchestra is made up of young musicians who have met the rigorous achievement level requirements and advanced commitment necessary to study and prepare top quality music. Only professional works are tackled without simplifying the overall arrangements. Students work with world-class professional musicians, historians and entertainment industry experts to present the highest level possible in their performances. Most of all, these young aspiring musicians work hard, with some projects requiring over 117 hours of study and rehearsal.


High School Arts
Through our art program, students have the opportunity to gain foundational skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture, and to build upon those skills as they explore different mediums, study various artistic styles, and learn strategies for making aesthetic choices. Students have the option to participate in arts festivals and shows to showcase their work.

In our AP Studio Art class, which is a college-level course, students learn to express their own “voice” through their artwork. They engage in ideation, advanced composition and technique, and critiques, and they produce artwork for a 24-piece portfolio. During the course of this year, the student’s work evolves into mastery.

High School Choir
Our high school choir is open to all high school students. We focus on proper singing technique, breath control, ear training, music theory, and singing harmony. Our choir members have the opportunity to showcase their training throughout the year as they perform at music festivals, school concerts, and other school-related functions.

High School Drama
Our high school drama department performs a play each spring. Although the cast consists mainly of high school students, we open auditions to our middle school students when our play requires younger actors. Our drama students work hard and put many hours into preparing for the production.

We generally begin casting in the late fall, and we hold our performances in early spring. We often hire or bring in volunteer casting directors who are entirely responsible for casting the play. Because of this, our students experience a professional audition and are confident that every person who auditions has an equal chance of being cast.


Middle School Arts
Art 1: In this introductory class, students will learn the basic elements of art and experience the different mediums artists use in creating their work. One-point perspectives, color theory, water coloring, and printing are just a few of the techniques students will practice.

Art 2: This class explores the student’s creative ability to use various mediums. Course work will include study and practice of the elements and principles of design, two and three dimensional design, and appreciation of themes found in art. Mask making, sculpting, clay modeling, acrylic painting, and creating two-dimensional perspectives are just a few of the projects students will complete.

Middle School Choral Music
Our middle school choir is open to all middle school students. We will focus on proper singing technique, breath control, ear training, site reading, music theory, and singing harmony. We will showcase what we learn in class through various performances throughout the year. Choir will perform at school concerts, music festivals, and school related functions.

Middle School Drama
The middle school drama course is designed as a laboratory class to introduce students to the theater. Focus will be on performance activities such as pantomime, readers theater, script writing, acting, and improvisation. Students will have the opportunity to perform in house, at chapels, and may offer support to the high school theater production.


Elementary Arts
Students will have art time in their classes weekly. Art projects are designed for enhancing the curriculum and also for creative expression.

Elementary Choral Music
Singing provides a wonderful outlet for our elementary students and gives them the opportunity to praise God through song and through creative expression. Through music games, rhythm sticks and instruments, boom-whackers, hand bells, and other manipulatives, our students come to understand the basics of music theory and vocal techniques. They also learn music history, international music, listening skills, music appreciation, and instrumentation. Each grade level has a special performance each year to showcase vocal singing ability.